Corrugated Conduits

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Corrugated conduit is the plastic casing that encloses cables and wires so they can be routed and secured in a variety of locations. Corrugated conduit is used to protect and identify data and telecommunications cabling and electrical wiring and comes in different grades, sizes and colours for a range of settings. It has a series of ridges that allow it to flex more easily than smooth conduit without strain and the risk of kinking or breaking.

What to look for in corrugated conduit

Corrugated conduit comes in a range of sizes and grades, which includes medium- and heavy-duty varieties. The different colours can be used to suit different settings, such as where the conduit need to blend in by being white or grey, or stand out for safety or identification purposes and therefore be orange.

The medium-duty white or grey corrugated conduit is typically suitable for general applications where wiring needs to be concealed, but the protection required is limited because there is not likely to be any additional pressure or duress on the conduit.

By contrast, heavy-duty conduit, which is usually orange in colour, may be used in locations where additional protections are needed such as in industrial or rugged conditions.

What is 32mm corrugated conduit?

The popular 32mm corrugated conduit at 4Cabling comes in heavy duty orange or medium duty grey in 25 metre rolls.

Choosing the right conduit

Choosing the right conduit will depend on the situation and the type of internal wiring. Size-wise, 32mm corrugated conduit cable is just one common variety and there are also 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm size conduit.

4Cabling has an extensive range of corrugated conduit that are all manufactured in line with the AS/NZS 2053.2:2001 safety standard.

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