Cube Power Board

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With so many devices that need to be charged from both mains power and USB charging, a cube power board could be just the thing for the home or office.

As electronic devices come in a host of shapes and sizes, it can be nearly impossible to try and squeeze a series of bulky power plugs next to each other on one power point or powerboard.

What are cube power boards and why would you use them?

Essentially a cube power board is a small, compact cube-shaped power outlet that can charge up to four devices via mains power. As each side has a separate socket, it’s possible to charge all the devices at the same time without blocking other sockets.

An extension cord that usually runs to 1.5 metres means the cube power board can be plugged in at a wall socket and will run to a nearby desk or table for convenient charging connections. And if colour matters, having the choice between grey or black it will fit right in to any colour scheme.

The cube power board isn’t just a handy tool for powering electronic devices, it can also provide surge protection up to 175 Joules. This provide protection against power spikes for all the sensitive, expensive electronic devices when they’re connected.

What is a power cube with usb?

A power cube with USB is a power plug cube which also includes USB charging slots, offering the convenience of charging both mains power and USB connected devices.

What to look for in a power cube with USB

There may be two or four separate USB slots and what’s helpful is that the USB slots don’t take away from the mains power plugs, so it will simultaneously charge different types of devices.

4Cabling has an extensive range of cube power boards including a power cube with USB.

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