Surge Protector Power Boards

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Whatever business you have today, you rely on technology to get things done. From accounting to marketing, technology drives it all, and if you add up the cost of the computers, screens, printers, scanners and everything else you use every day, it can be a frightening investment. Cost is not the only thing to be concerned about with technology, it is so much a part of everything we do, what would happen to your business if suddenly, tomorrow, every piece of technology you have stopped working? Disaster, right?

But the thing is, that is not fantasy, it can happen anywhere, a simple power surge can destroy every piece of technology you have in a fraction of a second, and sure, insurance may cover the costs, but how does your business continue operating in the meantime? It would be a logistical nightmare to have to replace it all just to get operational again.nbsp;

At 4Cabling we can offer a huge range of surge protection products. Be safe. Be sure. 4Cabling.

What is a surge protector power board?

A surge protector power board is a multi-outlet unit that shields devices from power surges and spikes. Surge protectors ensure that a fixed amount of power is supplied to the devices connected to the board.

What to look for in a surge protector power board

If you’re looking for the best surge protector power board in Australia, there are some key criteria to consider, such as its rating according to the size of the surge it can offer protection from and its reaction time.

The best surge protection power board will deliver data and voice protection, aerial protection for Pay TV connections, protect communication lines such as RJ 45 connections and be NBN compatible. There is also the option of a power board with USB and surge protection.

Power surges and strikes can hit out of the blue and unannounced, and may even go undetected until equipment starts to malfunction. With the extent of valuable, sensitive electronic equipment like computers, internet devices, HiFi and home entertainment units now running in homes and offices, a surge protector power board is a vital piece of equipment to protect against these damaging power disruptions.

What about a power board with USB and surge protection?

You might want to opt for a power board with USB and surge protection where you have a number of mains powered-devices as well as USB devices like tablets and phones that all need to be charged and protected against unexpected power surges.

To find the best surge protector power board in Australia, 4Cabling has an extensive range of surge protector power boards including power boards with USB and surge protection, and ones with smart filtering and switches

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