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Shop Power Distribution Units (PDU) by 4Cabling

Server racks, while great for organisation, are often subject to clutter. Not only does this make troubleshooting any technical issues very challenging, but electrical chaos can lead to important functionality problems which need to be addressed.

You can purchase high quality power distribution units for server rack needs (PDUs) from 4Cabling today, and relieve much of this chaos. 

At 4Cabling, we stock 1u power distribution units, 10A, 15A and 16A AMP PDUs, as well as a wide range of PDUs with a different number of power sockets and Rack RU sizes. 

Whether you are operating an entire server room, or need assistance with the cable management of your office set up, our PDUs are designed to cater to your unique cable management needs. If you have any questions about which products would work best, get in touch. Simply fill out the form on our contact us page, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to help.


What does a rack power distribution unit do?

A power distribution unit, otherwise known as a PDU, is a device that is used to control the electrical power, typically within a data centre or server rack. Unlike standard power strips, basic PDUs are devoid of surge protection, but they provide essential electrical outlets for data center equipment.

Their main role is to distribute power effectively across a network setup, ensuring that each device gets its fair share of power without the hassle of managing multiple plugs and tangled cords. However, they have no monitoring or remote access capabilities.

What do PDUs do?

In essense, PDUs perform the same function as power strips do. They supply power to multiple devices simultaneously. This is mainly effective in cases where data centres or large offices cannot plug all of their devices into one power supply at risk of overpowering. As per their name, they distribute power across multiple devices including servers, computers, networking and storage equipment as well as telecommunications gear. 

The main differences between a power distribution device and power strips are:

  • Power strips are like multi-outlet extension cords, whereas PDUs have features like surge protection, overload protection.
  • Power strips are more commonly used in home and office environments, compared to PDUs that are typically suited to large data centres or server rooms.
  • Power strips typically don’t offer remote management, whereas PDUs do.

What is the difference between a PSU and a PDU?

PSU stands for power supply unit. These types of networking equipment are typically internal to a device. They convert electrical power from a power outlet into a form suitable to the device’s components, which is what keeps the server or computer running efficiently. 

On the other hand, PDUs or rack power distribution units, are external. They manage the distribution of power to multiple devices at the same time, ensuring they each receive an adequate amount of power to function effectively.

What are the benefits of PDU?

While there are many benefits to adding a PDU to your cable management system, the main include:

  • Optimised power management: Using a PDU allows for precise control and distribution of power. This ultimately prevents an overload and ensuring devices receive the required voltage.
  • Enhanced efficiency: By consolidating power distribution, PDUs effectively reduce cluttered cable and cords, while also eliminating the need for multiple power strips, streamlining cable management.
  • Remote monitoring: Purchasing advanced PDUs often comes with monitoring capabilities, so that you can keep an eye on power consumption and health remotely.

4Cabling's range of PDUs cater to the diverse nature of cable management and network setups. You can reduce clutter and upgrade your existing system when you purchase PDUs at 4Cabling. What’s more, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing which PDU would best fit your current set up. Our team are ready to help with product recommendations, selections, and to answer any questions you may have about cable management systems and electrical accessories.

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