Warranty Program

All 4Cabling branded items come with a 3 Year Warranty, while other branded products on our site offer a 1 Year Warranty, valid from the date of purchase. Simply keep your tax invoice as proof of purchase, and contact our sales team by phone or email to get the ball rolling. Please review the Warranty Info displayed on each product page if you are unclear about the items warranty period or give our sales team a call. We aim to provide a quick decision and return on any valid warranty issues. Warranty issues are limited to 'normal' use, suitable to and in accordance with any procedures specified by the manufacturer. Permanent installation of our products may require the professional services of a trained or qualified tradesman. Warranty may be void if your product exemplifies any of the following issues:

  • The product is physically damaged
  • The product is subject to excessive force or repetitive strain
  • The product is dismantled, modified, cut, or deformed
  • The product is painted, marked, or soiled from installation or use
  • The product is subject to contaminants such as sand, water, soil, etc
  • The product is subject to weather, pets, or pests

3 Year, Limited Warranty

All 4Cabling branded products, including server racks, patch panels, patch leads, fibre, and other peripherals are backed by a 3 Year Warranty, limited to manufacturer fault. This excludes tools and brackets. Proof of purchase is necessary, for details, please consult our sales team or customer service to instigate the process at sales@4cabling.co.nz

1 Year, Limited Warranty

All our supplier branded products are backed by at least a 1 Year Warranty, limited to manufacturer fault. Proof of purchase is necessary, for details, please consult our sales team or customer service to instigate the process at sales@4cabling.co.nz

25 Year Site Certification Program

If your Category 6 project requires a systems warranty, certified installers may qualify for our 25 Year Site Certification Program, which allows you to mix and match 4Cabling products

4Cabling warrants that the products registered under our 25 Year Site Certification Program meet the following requirements:

  • Free from material and workmanship defects for a period of 25 years from the date of installation.
  • Will meet and/or exceed the performance requirements of the industry standards as outlined in the TIA/EIA - 568 - B/1 and 2.
  • Should any defect occur, 4Cabling must be made aware of such defects immediately in writing.
  • 4Cabling will then have the opportunity to inspect the defective products to determine if abreech of warranty has occurred.
  • The 4Cabling 25 Year Warranty is inclusive of products installed at the original time of installation.
  • Should a replacement product be provided, that individual product will be covered for a period of 25 years from installation.
  • The warranty does not apply to wear and tear or any damage caused by malpractice, lack of care, accident, abnormal operations, faulty installation and/or service, unauthorised repairs, fire, floods, freak accidents, natural disasters or acts of God.
  • All costs associated with replacing and repairing defective products including removal, disassembly and reinstallation are the responsibility of the buyer, and in no circumstance will 4Cabling be responsible for such costs.
  • The main purpose of this warranty is for 4Cabling to repair or replace,at it’s option and expense, any product which is found to be defective during installation, or during the course of normal and proper use.
  • 4Cabling products are independently tested to ensure they conform to industry standards.
  • Our products exceed current standards, and are designed and constructed with the highest level of workmanship.
  • Should you require more information about our 25 Year structured cabling Warranty please contact our sales department.

How to apply for 25 Year Site Certification

To Apply for a 25 Year Site Certification we will require the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • The installer's company name and license number
  • The site address and installation date,  and we will also need:
    • Permanent Link Test Results in *.flw format  (i.e. patch panel to jack) – No crimp or patch leads to be used in testing
    • Marked up site plan showing the location of cabinet and outlet numbers

Test results should be:

  • Tested to ISO11801 PL2 Class E (for CAT6) with full plot data saved and
  • Test reports are to be provided to 4Cabling in Fluke *.FLW format (and PDF format if possible) and measured in meters

This information can be emailed to sales@4cabling.co.nz


How to Claim a Warranty

Please email the following details to sales@4cabling.co.nz

  1. Invoice #
  2. Product # and Name
  3. Fault
  4. Your Contact Info

We'll get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the situation to the best of our ability. If you are required to send your item back to us, please take special care to package it well - we will not be responsible for any damage caused during the return shipping. All goods must be returned to us at your cost, but we will cover the cost of your replacement items.

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