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4Cabling's range of floor standing and wall mount server racks & cabinets offer unprecedented value for money and quality. We stock server racks and server cabinets to suit every installation scenario, whether it is a small freestanding or wall hung server rack to a full-blown state-of-the-art sophisticated server room.

Server racks protect your important and valuable networking and communication equipment in a business setting or offer a safe and neat wall mount solution at your home's networking consolidation point. 4Cabling's server rack & cabinet range will always fit just right, just slide in your 19” rack mountable device and you are good to go.

4Cabling server rack is suited for the following applications: Small, medium, and large server network; Securing secured network equipment such as DVR, Switches, and Routers; Mounting patch panels and switches; Network communication equipment, such as telephone systems, PABX, etc.; and other 19” rack mountable sensitive equipment.

Our server cabinet range is offered as a one-box solution including most of the items you will need or want in a typical installation. Our racks include shelves, fans, quality welded construction, cage nuts, safety glass front doors, and a power rail to get you started. Wall mount cabinets units have a unique Cam lock on the front. Our floor-standing units come with leveling feet, castor wheels, and a removable rear door.

4Cabling stock and sell Wall Mount Server RacksHalf Height Server Racks, and Full Height Server Racks. We have server racks solution from 4RU12RU,  22RU, up to 45RU.


Choosing the right Server Rack 

Consider your server rack as the secure home for your critical server equipment and network infrastructure. As such the server rack plays a vital role in the functionality of any data centre. Key considerations in selecting the ideal server rack are to maximise space, facilitate ease of maintenance, accommodate future growth, and ensure equipment security and functionality.


Full Height Server Racks: The Standard Option
Standard, or full height server racks, typically standing at 42RU, are a mainstay in many data centres. One rack unit 'RU' is equivalent to 1.75 inches (4.445 cm), indicating the substantial height of these racks. They are the obvious choice for enterprises operating with a substantial volume of server and networking equipment, particularly those necessitating high-density applications.

These full height server racks provide a robust, durable housing for your equipment. Besides, their generous spatial allocation offers a promising avenue for future scalability, making them a preferred choice for organisations forecasting an upscaling of data centre needs.


Optimising Space: Half Height Server Racks

Roughly half the size of full height server racks, the half-height variants typically stand at 18RU to 22RU. They present an optimal solution for smaller enterprises or those dealing with a limited number of server and networking devices. Their reduced size makes them a cost-effective, manageable solution, particularly suitable for organisations operating within spatial constraints.

Although they have a smaller footprint, half height server racks maintain a robust protective framework for your equipment and can still facilitate moderate levels of expansion.


Wall Mount Server Racks: A Compact Solution

Wall mount server racks offer a unique proposition for entities with restricted floor space or limited capacity needs. By attaching directly to the wall, they save valuable floor space, offering a secure and easily accessible housing for your equipment.

Wall mount server racks are ideal for hosting network equipment, including switches, patch panels, and compact servers. They are a practical solution for spaces where floor-standing racks aren't feasible, such as offices, classrooms, and retail establishments.


Easy Access: Hinged Server Racks

Hinged server racks are a specialised offering that feature a hinge, enabling the entire rack to swing away from the wall. This feature significantly simplifies access to the back of your mounted equipment, facilitating easy maintenance and equipment inspections.

Generally wall-mounted, hinged server racks can also come in range of sizes from 9RU to 18RU. They are especially beneficial in scenarios requiring regular equipment maintenance and adjustments.



Selecting the right server rack is crucial to ensuring optimal operation and management of your data centre whatever the size. Every type of server rack, be it full height, half height, wall mount, or hinged, offers unique benefits.

Your primary objective should be to maximise space, facilitate maintenance, accommodate future growth, and ensure equipment security and functionality. The correct server rack for your situation is one that can successfully meet all these requirements.


Browse our extensive products online and if you have any questions, please visit our contact us page, and one of our customer service team will be in touch with you shortly. 

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