The Complete TV Wall Mount Guide | 4Cabling

The Complete TV Wall Mount Guide | 4Cabling

The different types of tv wall mounts - and which one is best for you

You’ve recently found a new TV that’s perfect for your home and have now arrived at a new complication: how will you set it up so it ties the whole room together while still allowing for optimal viewing? The best TV wall mounts are more than just secure; they also ensure that TV watching is both comfortable and enjoyable. But choosing the right mount requires more thought than just finding one that will support the size of your television. You’ll also have to consider how and where you’ll be watching television before deciding on the right TV wall mounting solution.

Types of TV Wall Mounts

There are four main types of TV wall mounts: fixed, tilting, full motion and ceiling mounted. We’ll explore each of these TV mounting options and the benefits that they offer.

Fixed TV Wall Mounts

A fixed TV wall mount will not offer any movement, meaning you won’t be able to easily change the position of your television once the mount has been installed to the wall. Their thin size means that your television will look as if it is directly embedded in the wall rather than attached to a mount. Considering their sleek appearance that can suit any room layout, it’s little wonder that fixed TV wall mounts are one of the most popular options.

As fixed TV mounts cannot be moved following installation, it’s crucial that you take the time to determine the perfect height for television viewing before taking out the power drill. Here are our best tips for finding the right spot for your fixed TV wall mount:

  • Position the TV as close as possible to your viewing eye level. You shouldn’t have to tilt your head when looking at the television.
  • If you are planning to mount the TV above cabinets or shelves, leave 4 to 6 inches of empty space between the wall mount and the object beneath it.
  • Identify any sources of glare (such as lamps or windows) and whether they will impact your viewing experience.

Tilting TV Wall Mounts

As suggested by the name, a tilting TV wall mount provides you with more control over movement in comparison to a fixed mount. Tilt mounts are virtually hidden, so they won’t interfere with the design of your room. Despite their slim appearance, they can be tilted forwards or backwards by several degrees. Their ability to tilt serves two main purposes:

  1. You can more easily reduce screen glare by positioning your television away from the source of light.
  2. You can more comfortably watch the TV at different angles.

If either of these two points resonate with you, then this option might be the best TV wall mount for you.

Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

Do you find yourself watching your TV from across the room more often than not? If you have multiple seating areas or an open plan living room where you can watch television while cooking in the kitchen, then a full motion TV wall mount could be the solution you’re looking for.

With a full motion TV wall mount, you’ll enjoy almost complete control over your television’s position by seamlessly tilting, extending and swivelling the mount. Full motion TV mounts achieve a floating TV effect and are also a popular option for people wanting to mount their TV in the corner of a room.

The versatility of a full motion TV wall mount offers optimal viewing and can remove the problem of screen glare altogether. While their appearance isn’t as subtle as fixed mounts, you can easily press your bracket back against the wall once you’ve finished watching TV to achieve a low-key look.

Ceiling Mounted TV Mount

Ceiling mounted TV mounts are a fourth option that’s often not spoken about as commonly as the others. This type of TV mount drops down from the ceiling and can be installed at various heights. They are often found in home cinemas, offices, hotels, universities and conference rooms.

Ceiling mounted TV mounts offer maximum visibility while also allowing you to make full use of your wall and floor space. With 360 degree rotation and full control of tilt, installing a ceiling mount means that you will be able to easily redesign your room’s layout in the future without reinstalling your television.

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Choosing the best TV mount can be a timely process when there are numerous options available that all offer various benefits. If you have any questions about selecting a TV mount or installing one, feel free to reach out to our team who will be happy to help you find a mount that does your television justice.

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