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Kitting out a new office space or updating your network connections can be quite the minefield. With multiple products serving similar functions, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of product listings, prices and patch leads. 

When it comes to cabling (and a whole bunch of other connectivity products for that matter), we’ve got you covered - it’s in our name for a reason! Ethernet cables are the backbone of network connectivity, so get acquainted with our little cheat sheet.

RJ45 cable. LAN cable. Network cable. That Blue Internet Cable. The Cat5E cable has many names and is the industry standard for patching network connections together. Serving speeds of up to 1Gbps to five metres, 4Cabling’s Cat 5E cables use high-quality copper, ensuring high-speed connections in both the office and home. Dependent on your specific needs, you can choose cables between 0.25 metres and 10 metres, and in a range of colours; cable identification and organisation made easy, saving you valuable time when troubleshooting.  

Scream “Cat6” if you want to go faster! Cat6 cables are a level up from Cat5E, serving 10Gbps to five metres. These cables are ideal for when you need a reliable, fast internet connection, such as, when hosting an important video call meeting (or for an uninterrupted signal when gaming at home - thrashing your opponent is pretty difficult with a slow connection). Similar to Cat5E, Cat6 cables use copper at its core, so they are backwards compatible, however, they must meet more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise. 4Cabling has a range of Cat 6 data cables, cross-over cables, right-angled patch cords (perfect for tight-fitted cable angles), shielded patch leads and lockable patch leads ready to ship for delivery, in a range of colours and lengths too - up to a whopping 50 metres! 

What’s more, if your company requires a customised length, we’ve got your back: custom Cat 6ethernet cables are available in whatever colour you please, just give us a (patch) lead time of four days. 

Ultra-thin Cat6 

The ultra-thin range of Cat 6 cable is a more streamlined option, offering the same network capabilities as a regular Cat 6 cable, but taking up less space. These are the perfect cables for high-density, congested environments. Once again, available in a surplus of lengths (0.15-5 metres) and colours, they also permit you to dedicate more valuable rack space to equipment, rather than cabling. All 4Cabling ultra-thin Cat 6 cables use gold-plated connectors, exceeding Australian industry standards. 

Cat6A is the next generation of Cat 6 cable. Supporting speeds of up to 10Gbps for longer distances, they perform 10 times better than the standard cable, operating at 500MHz (compared to the regular 250MHz). If you’re looking to future-proof more permanent cabling solutions in the office, a Cat 6A cable would be the cable of choice. Like the other options, 4Cabling offer a range of colours and lengths to fit your company’s specific needs.  

4Cabling ethernet cables use a variety of jacket materials, including LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), PE (Polyethylene), and PVC (Polyvinylchloride), and have been rigorously tested, so you can trust its performance from the get-go.


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