Fibre Media Converters

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Fibre to Ethernet Media Converters

If you run fibre as a backbone and Ethernet as your internal network, you'll need a fibre media converter to transmit data from fibre connections to the Ethernet cables. 4Cabling sells single-mode and multi-mode converters from TP-Link. The converters are small and fit into any server rack or corner of the office. These converters connect to fibre cables and cables that connect to other routers. Our converters are made to convert 100BASE-FX fibre to 100Base-TX copper media. We also sell converters that convert to the standard Gigabit protocol. These converters are useful for high-speed backbone connections in data centres. Our ranges include 10/100 Mbps single-mode media converters MC110CS and media converters RJ45-SC 10/1000 Gigabit single-mode. Our high-end fibre media converters have automatic protocol identification and a built-in memory buffer chip to ensure that you don't lose data as it's transferred across the network. All of our equipment includes a 25-year warranty, so we know you will be satisfied with your order.

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