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Shop Ubiquiti Routers and Network Products

Extend your internet coverage and add more devices to your local network with 4Cabling’s wireless routers and network solutions. We have an extensive range of Ubiquiti Wireless networking products including access points, routers and switches that will improve the flexibility and coverage of your current network. You can also browse our Unifi range - the global leader in managed WiFi systems. 


Ubiquiti products are some of the best in the world because of their combination of enterprise performance, unlimited scalability and central management controller.

The UniFi HD AP for example, has a refined industrial design and can be easily installed using the included mounting hardware. You can view flagship products like the Ubiquiti Dream Router, Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine, and Ubiquiti UniFi Video Camera G4 Bullet


We also have Tp-link networking mercku mesh wifi and Cisco wireless network products available.


If you have any questions about which products will work best for your network, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch to help. 


What is so good about Ubiquiti?

Ubiquiti is the perfect balance of enterprise performance, unlimited scalability and being a central management controller. In short, it is easy to access and grants you great control over your suite of products.

  • Here are the key benefits of using Ubiquiti products:
  • Ubiquiti products are designed to ensure ease of use. Their user-friendly interface results in an easy set-up and the ability for users to manage their network without much difficulty. Ubiquiti products are designed to be scalable. Their products are designed to work together effectively so that you can grow your network without the stress of managing multiple products with different uses.
  • Ubiquiti products are reliable. The mix of high-quality products and robust design means that purchasing Ubiquiti equipment will provide reassurance in value and operation.

What do I need to get started with Ubiquiti?

In order to set up a Ubiquiti network effectively, there are several products we recommend purchasing first:

  • Ubiquiti Router: The Ubiquiti UniFi Router essentially acts as a gateway between your local network and the internet, and allows multiple devices to connect and share internet access.  
  • Ubiquiti Access Point: The access point is needed to connect to the router, in order to generate a fast and reliable wireless signal. A popular choice for home and business settings includes the Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point.
  • Ubiquiti Switches: Ubiquiti Switches connect your device to your local network. The switch is incredibly versatile, as it can connect to both wired and wireless devices.

Does Ubiquiti need a controller?

If you have expensive electrical devices that you are conscious of protecting, then a surge protected power board is a worthy investment.

Power points can experience power surges. Power surges can damage or even destroy any electrical device connected to the power point. A surge protected power board, meanwhile, ensures that only safe levels of electricity are able to pass through to your connected electronics. They are available as both boards and single-outlet protectors.

What can I use instead of Ubiquiti?

4Cabling offers similar networking solutions to Ubiquiti. From TP-link, Mercku and Cisco, you will be able to find products that will suit your networking needs. 

  • TP-Link: TP-link networking products are best suited to smaller businesses or individuals who need a reliable and affordable networking solution.
  • Mercku: Mercku specialises in mesh WiFi system - a group of connectivity devices that serve as a single network. Features of Mercku’s Wifi solution includes automatic network optimization, parental controls, and guest networks.
  • Cisco: Cisco networking products are fantastic for businesses that require a scalable and customisable network. Their complex set up and configurations means they are less suited to homes and small businesses. 
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